What happens to the renovated houses?  We rent them to graduates from our program or to adults and families committed to building the community and raising up other youth.

The long term goal is to convert our renters into buyers, and allow those rising in life and work to benefit from the rising values of renovated properties. 

After completing our program, we actively market graduates for full time employment or additional industry apprenticeship training.

This unique, multi-step approach is intended to significantly increase a trainee’s lifetime earning potential and break the generational cycle of poverty.

Our program positions them to earn a living wage with benefits, and to become a productive and contributing member of their community.

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Our houses are “living classrooms” where trainees are taught by experienced construction professionals, doing hands-on reconstruction and renovation work.

Selected contractors are also committed to providing healthy adult mentoring relationships that guide trainees through the difficult and risky transition from teen to adult.

​​​​​​Franklinton Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit that teaches life skills, job skills, and belief systems to at-risk youth living in the Franklinton area of Columbus, OH (the oldest and poorest neighborhood in Central Ohio) and other nearby inner-city neighborhoods.

Franklinton Rising is a 501(c)3

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We offer trainees A PATH OUT OF POVERTY, but they have to want it, they have to work for it, and they have to earn it.

Trainees are paid for their labor on the houses, but not for their time in the classroom – that’s their investment in themselves, their education and their self-improvement.

​​​We acquire abandoned houses, raise funds to renovate them, and conduct a unique combination of classroom and on-the-job training that ​gives our trainees broad exposure to the construction trades.

Depending on their age, education and pace within the program, our trainees remain in the program for months or years.