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"What Does Franklinton Rising Mean To You"

Karen Brown, morning anchor for ABC Channel 6 Columbus, asked this question to Quinton Mayle, a Franklinton Rising trainee about participating in the Franklinton Rising program for at-risk young adults in the Franklinton area of Columbus.

For the past 9 months, Quinton has participated in Franklinton Rising classes and on-the-job training while rehabbing the first Franklinton Rising house to be transformed from "blighted" status to like-new condition.

Quinton is building his future. He tells Karen that participating in Franklinton Rising means he can get a good paying job - something that he likes to do while making Franklinton a better place to live.

Two classes of trainees are currently participating in the program and a third will start this summer. Purpose, a Christian world view, job skills in the building trades, full-time employment, owning a durable, modern, attractive, and marketable home in Franklinton, and becoming a productive member of the community with a positive influence on others are the long-term hopes that Franklinton Rising has for these young adults.

Please join us in helping this vision become a reality. Donate now.

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