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Nonprofit Spotlight: Franklinton Rising

Rehabbing vacant homes benefits Franklinton and gives local volunteers a valuable education for future work.

A lot of rebuilding is happening in Franklinton. Some of it is occurring at abandoned properties around the neighborhood west of Downtown. But much of it is happening in the classroom, where professionals associated with the nonprofit Franklinton Rising are providing at-risk students and young adults the chance to lay a foundation for a better life.

The faith-based organization, started in 2015 by a group of local professionals who wanted to make a difference in the neighborhood, teaches young people basic construction skills and important life skills that will help them find a path out of poverty.

Making sure that the program addresses both pieces is critically important to its success, says President Tom Heffner. Many participants have never had anyone in their lives who modeled responsibility or valued work, he says.

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