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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 119 Wisconsin Avenue

On Tuesday July 12th Columbus City Mayor Andrew Ginther spoke during the Franklinton Rising Open House at 119 Wisconsin Avenue, Columbus. The Open House was to celebrate Franklinton Rising’s total rebuilding of the house and most importantly, Alex Powell, a former trainee of Franklinton Rising, returning to Franklinton to cut the ribbon on this house that he is buying.

The Tuesday night newscast on Fox 28 & ABC 6 aired a quick summary. See the aired spot, Fox Channel 28, here

This is the full circle that was intended from the ministry of Franklinton Rising. A young adult coming from poverty without real career plans, becoming a Franklinton Rising trainee, learning life/job skills in construction, plus Christian principles for life, then initiating a career and returning to rent/purchase a house rebuilt by Franklinton Rising (maybe one that the trainee had a hand in rebuilding), and becoming a productive member of the neighborhood.

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